The Silent Killer

Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

The Silent Killer

“One day at the edge of innovation. Broaden your digital horizons and discover technologies that are making a real-world difference.” Wow, what a phrase!

And what did I learn? Hypertension is the silent killer. One in three people have it, and only one in two of them know they have it. And by 2030, every second adult will have Obesity. Shock moments!

Only one of many exciting topics at the “CSEM’s Business Day 2022”. It quickly became clear to the listener how ways can be found to address this and find solutions together.

“If we do not explore today, we will not be ready for tomorrow. Exploration is the realm of innovation.”
Daniel Rosenfeld, Melexis Technologies

“Bringing together people from medical sciences and from engineering may be seen as a challenge, but above all, it is highly fruitful and rewarding!”
Christoph Stettler, Inselspital

“Time is critical, usage of expert knowledge makes often sense!”
Urs Jörimann, Mettler-Toledo

But how do we approach this in the most effective way? 

“The business idea must be the starting point”
Urs Jörimann, Mettler-Toledo

“At Melexis, we climb two ladders: The commercial readiness ladder and the technological readiness ladder.”
Daniel Rosenfeld, Melexis Technologies

And on screen I saw a picture of a folding ladder that can be climbed from two sides, step-by-step. The “commercial readiness” steps: market awareness > proof of product value > low fidelity business case > business case validated, and the “technological readiness” steps: concept formulated > proof of concept > low fidelity prototype > technical maturity validated. Great action and metaphor!

At the end Daniel Rosenfeld got to the heart of it: “Do not walk alone.” Indeed!

Are your digitalisation issues overwhelming you? Then let’s do it together and co-create positive impact.

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Thank you CSEM for a very inspiring day with many use cases and insights into the challenges.

It was great to meet and talk with you again: Andrea Dunbar, Alexandre Pauchard, Christoph Joder, Matthias Höchemer, Philipp Schmid, Vincent Revol, Mario Russi, Gilles Weder

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