Sustainability moves aviation

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Sustainability moves aviation

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls said it very clearly, climate change is the biggest challenge in aviation. Engine optimisation is reaching its limits and the use of sustainable aviation fuels is becoming more important and real. High-speed trains are nowadays a valid alternative to flying. Why not bring together the know-how and strengths of aviation and rail companies and develop new business models together?

In addition, there is another big challenge, the needed attitude and behavioural changes of people towards the future of flown mobility. And is there ultimately a willingness to pay more for sustainable services?

I was very happy to see the innovations of Philipp Furler, PhD of Synhelion SA (CH) with the replacement of fossil fuels by means of fuel generation through sunlight and of Martina Löfqvist of Destinus (CH) with the use of hydrogen for long distance flights of goods at hypersonic speed. And the SolarStratos project, a two-seat, single-engine electric aircraft by SolarXplorers SA (CH), which is expected to perform stratospheric flights this year.

Technology is unlikely to solve all the problems of aviation. I agree with the two students Adrian Müller and Alexander Stauch in their presentation. A truly sustainable transformation in aviation needs technology, innovation and a change in behaviour.

Disruptive technologies like Enterprise Blockchain Technology, innovative new application areas and new business models will also play an important role. For example, in the aviation areas of agriculture, mapping, inspection, delivery, data collection, inbound production.

On to new worlds, just come along!

Thank you very much for the interesting exchange in the exhibition: Melanie Luther, Adrian Helbling, Thomas Sprunk, Herbert Brunner, the students of Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (Satelite for locating forest fires worldwide)

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