Innovating to zero

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Innovating to zero

Claude Nicollier‘s slightly different view of the circular economy and the net zero target at the «CSEM Event: Circular Economy in the Digital Age».

He looks at it like this:
In fact, a Zero function with Zero derivative is a smart way to achieve full sustainability!
It is Zero, and will remain Zero.
It is the ultimate step in a circular economy where the circle becomes a dot with a Zero radius.

Other Zeroes…more thoughts from him
– Zero population increase in the world (Zero derivative only)
– Zero balance in carbon source and sink (goal in 2050)
– Zero waste (on Earth and in space)
– Zero violence
– Zero suffering and pain
– Zero risk
– Zero accidents
– Zero ignorance

And where do we stand today in the Swiss private economy?
This was clearly demonstrated by Michael Hengartner in his presentation «How research and technology transfer stimulate the circular economy».

Swiss private sector is only at the beginning of the transformation process (Agenda 2030 / SNE 2030):
37% of companies have not implemented any of the 27 measures
8% of companies have implemented more than 10 measures

Hurdles are:
– «My product / service is not suitable»
– Difficulties with technical implementation
– High investment costs (especially for SMEs)

There is still much to do, let’s change this together!

Thank you for the exciting networking exchange: Christian Kissling, Gary O. Martini, Alain Bai, Kaspar Zimmerli, Bruno Zemp, Stefan Guggisberg, Jean-Luc Bazin, Philipp Schmid and Alexandre Pauchard

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