The new BaselTech Community

Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

The new BaselTech Community

A program to strengthen digital innovation, powered by Standortförderung, AWA, Kanton Basel-Stadt.

It was a very good start to the new initiative in the Basel region. The very well attended first evening had the theme «It’s about tech: Local Heroes – how to create a great software product».

For those who missed it, here are some statements from the speakers and panellists that couldn’t be more appropriate to the topic:

David Burkardt
«Make the internet a better place.»
«Surround yourself with extraordinary people.»

Patrick Püntener
«Two good people can do a lot, but if it grows, you need a team of skilled people.»
«Translate features into values to win the feature fight.»

Luc Haldimann
«You need a strong focus.»
«Listen to customers but don’t do everything in the product.»

David von Ah
«Know the customer.»
«Focus – otherwise the product gets lost.»

Hans-Dirk Walter
«Requirements depends on usage and value.»
«Value is the key – not needed features will then be deleted in the discussion.»

I look forward to more exciting evenings with useful insights into the various challenges of digitalisation.

In the region, for the region!

To a successful community and cooperation, with the needs of our customers in focus.

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Thanks for the exciting networking exchange: Karl G. Gutbrod, Gabriel Salm, Martin Stricker, Elijah Appius, Luc Haldimann, Halil Kerimi, Achim Bauer, Thomas Nirnberger, Andre Moeri, Thomas Brenzikofer

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