The DeepForest-Study

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The DeepForest-Study

The focus of the Proof-of-Concept (POC) was to simplify the work of the forest and woodland worker during the collection of tree trunks piles («Polter»). He can simply use his smartphone for this and the new system will do all the calculations and data management for him.

Automation and the elimination of media discontinuities will also save time, as the tedious manual measuring and calculation of the piles is no longer needed. With the new solution the forest worker will measure and record more piles in the same time.

The forest and woodland worker will also receives very accurate values for quantity calculations as a basis for resale. 

With the help of AI-based image recognition, the recording of the cut area in square meters and log length in meters is to be measured precisely. The number of trees and the cut areas are calculated automatically and fed directly into a digital system. In the POC the lengths of the trees trunks will be entered by the forest worker manually.

For Raurica Wald, this POC shows the potential of AI-based image analysis. The integration of the technology into the existing MobiPolter app makes the app much more attractive for the forest and wood industry.

The use of the new technologies supports his daily work. The new solution makes it easier for the forestry worker and the result is of higher quality!

Our lessons learned from the study:
– Image acquisition takes time
– Labelling needs even more time
– Project planning is important, but needs air to adjust
– Agile working together helps in such a short time project
– Exchange is important for the progress of the project
– Short decision-making paths are goal-oriented
– Downsizing and focusing stands above everything

We will continue with:
– Field check of the results
– Checking the marketability of the product
– Define further scope: length detection, qualities, video recording

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Many thanks for the great teamwork: Lukas Ziegler, Fabian Auf der Maur, Matthias Höchemer, Frank Linnenbach, Alessandro Bellafronte 

Many thanks for the opportunity: Innosuisse, CSEM (Philipp Schmid), Basel Area Business & Innovation (Albert Hilbert, Sébastien MEUNIER)

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