Communication at 4eyes – Communicating together

Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

Communication at 4eyes – Communicating together

Digital transformation conceptual for next generation technology era

Admittedly, we’re sometimes a bit shy. However, we would like to exchange ideas with you: learn from you, tell you about our experiences, share our knowledge with you. To make this work, we develop an overall concept and start with coordinated communication.

Together with 4eyes through the year 2021

Together, or co-creation, is a core value for us, also in communication! Tell us about your experiences, share your opinion, your interests or maybe you even have a tip or trick for us! We are looking forward to the shared experience.

4eyes has been developing custom solutions in the field of software development for many years. At the same time, we offer innovative consulting services, by working out new ways of digitization and apply our know-how of innovative potential and the long-term impact of new software technologies. In the process, 4eyes analyzes and designs processes to move a company forward in a positive way.

While focussing on those fascinating aspects of our work, we’ve often neglected to communicate about our projects or did not communicate at all. In addition, it’s often difficult for non-experts to understand what we achieve with our work and innovative projects and what the sustainable impact.

We’re therefore starting to organzie, optimize and share our experiences with you and we are looking forward to your input.

Our goals

  • Use 4eyes’ know-how in a positive way and to support the interaction with the community
  • Bringing together curious and technology-minded people to co-create positive impact
  • Create valuable content about 4eyes’ work and inform the community with added value and knowledge

Positive support

In order to realize these goals, we’ve called in professional support. The independent content creator/text marketing specialist Sarah Allmayer accompanies 4eyes in this communication process with her expertise, extraordinary ideas and her strengths as a word acrobat.

Together with the business manager and communications manager Markus Stauffiger, she develops a suitable communications plan and provides advice and support to our software company.

The rest of the team is also involved and implements the project in accordance with the motto “Co-Creating positive impact”.

Joint venture

We would like to let you participate in our process and share our experiences with you.

This is our plan of action:

  • Review of current communication and existing channels
  • Determination of communication channels
  • Create editorial plan
  • Maintain blog more intensively
  • Evaluate communication options
  • Create content with a strong focus on added value

To ensure that communication is consistent, we sat down together and thought about the possibilities for communication. It was clear to us that we want to offer added value with the communication of 4eyes. This makes it all the more important for us to create valuable contributions that encourage our community to discuss and share knowledge.

At the same time, we would like to inform about our groundbreaking projects and show what our field of activity entails. In doing so, we always keep our motto “Co-Creating positive impact” in mind and base all communication on it.

In the future, we plan to fill the 4eyes blog with valuable content that will appear at regular intervals. Furthermore, we intend to use our social media channels LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter more intensively and to inform you about our everyday life, projects, consultations and workshops. We’re also working on a modern redesign for our website with optimized textual content.

A long way

Due to the fact that we’ve virtually sidelined our communications for the last 15 years, we have a steep road ahead of us. Nevertheless, we’re positive and happy to take on this task. Because through defined communication, we not only give you a deeper insight into the world of 4eyes, but also bring about positive things together.

Communication always goes both ways – Let’s talk

  • Communication is new for us, any advise or recommendations?
  • You got a great idea?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What have you always wanted to know, about us, about digitization, about a specific technology?

Support us with your ideas – Were looking forward to your experience, inputs, tips and tricks!

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