Co-Creating Positive Impact: But what does that mean?

Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

Co-Creating Positive Impact: But what does that mean?

After the exciting discussion about our core motivation and the search for our “why”, which I wrote about in the last post, we agreed on “Co-Creating Positive Impact“.

The “why” is more of an abstract motto until you actively use it. Until then, it remains a marketing slogan that no one can object to, but it also has little impact.

So how do we put our, now formulated, conviction into action?

Since formulating the “how” is much more concrete, we also find it easier to work it out. The most important thing for us is that our work has impact. That we actively support our customers and partners in solving their problems and pursuing their goals.

We then formulated it like this:

We create impact

  • We bring ideas to life.
  • We make sure technology works so people can use it and truly benefit from it.
  • We feel responsible not only for our part of the project, but for the overall outcome.

Understanding, trying and ultimately using modern technology to make a positive difference is what drove our hobby to become a company 20 years ago.

We explore new ideas

  • We look for ways to use our knowledge and experience to make a positive difference.
  • We are curious about new technologies and approaches.
  • We seek out partners and customers who want to advance technologically.
  • We bring together curious, open-minded and technology-savvy people to make the best use of new opportunities together.

For us, people are clearly at our heart. This is also reflected in the fact that most 4eyes employees have been part of the team for over 10 years on average. And we have many long-standing customers whom we support on an ongoing basis.

We put people first

  • We engage with our clients with empathy and actively involve them.
  • We create the environment and atmosphere in which everyone feels safe, confident and satisfied.
  • We enable employees to learn, develop and grow personally.
  • We share our years of experience and knowledge.

With our years of experience in various industries and projects, as well as with a wide variety of clients and partners, we often bring new perspectives and ideas to projects. We help with inputs, but also with critical questions. If necessary, we recommend rather one well-considered step back than two ill-considered leaps forward.

We think both along with and well ahead

  • We ask questions in order to understand which goals are to be achieved.
  • We support the formulation of solutions.
  • We actively shape projects by contributing our experience, knowledge and ideas.
  • We introduce people to new technologies and show them the potential impact on their lives and their organizations.


We live a high quality standard

  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We take care of our projects throughout their lifecycle.
  • We deliver extensible and expandable solutions.
  • We use state-of-the-art tools and methodology to ensure quality.

So now, for the first time, we have put down in our “How” what is important to us. What makes us tick. This is a further aid in determining where the 4eyes journey is going. It gives us orientation and support when difficult decisions are made.

And that’s what the search for the fabled “Purpose” is all about: an orientation guide in the decision-making jungle and a common language for the shared vision of good work.
What makes you tick? What makes your company stand out?

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