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Back to the Valley

Faster, further, higher needs a break sometimes. Frederik Gregaard calls it «slowing things down and fixing them». After the past years of many new innovations and rapid developments in the field of blockchain industry, we shall finally take a breath, consolidate and optimise.

He remains convinced that the only true next generation of data management after centralised databases and current cloud solutions lies in the decentralised blockchain. This technology for «digital trust» is proven to work.

The goal now is to finally bring business-critical applications onto the blockchain. And for this, it increasingly requires standards and interoperability in the decentralisation of data. For him, the use cases are obvious: double spend, lack of transparency, data is non-standardised, lack of community involvement, lack of data feedback loop.

Frederik Gregaard sees the only future for companies in a «blockchain company». This is a company that manages its entire business data and assets across all company and country boundaries in a blockchain. Decentralised and secure.

In order to achieve these goals, he believes that more education is needed to make people independent. It increases knowledge, strengthens the mind, forms character and enables people to put their potentials to optimum use.

A great talk with a statement and vision that I can absolutely support from my own experience in the enterprise blockchain area over the last few years. Thanks for that opening talk.

We are ready for these challenges, just come along

Thank you for the networking sessions, especially Alberto Diaz, Florian Spychiger

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