Author: Markus Stauffiger

Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

We build our own robot – 4eyes goes Industry 4.0

You arrive at the office, open the door and haven’t taken off your jacket yet, when our robo-barista greets you with a freshly brewed coffee. He takes your jacket, informs you about changes in your agenda and about a cancelled train connection in the afternoon. As soon as you’re sitting at your desk, he brings…
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Co-Creating Positive Impact: But what does that mean?

After the exciting discussion about our core motivation and the search for our “why”, which I wrote about in the last post, we agreed on “Co-Creating Positive Impact“. The “why” is more of an abstract motto until you actively use it. Until then, it remains a marketing slogan that no one can object to, but…
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Looking for our “why”. Finding our “why”. Using our “why”

Turning a hobby into a profession – my friends and I (Markus Stauffiger) were able to fulfill this dream by founding 4eyes 15 years ago. Suddenly we could pay our bills from what we loved to do. However, this wonderful fact also brought with it some challenges, as only later became apparent. Some of them,…
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Digital transformation conceptual for next generation technology era

Communication at 4eyes – Communicating together

It’s time for a positive change. So the 4eyes team has set itself the goal of optimizing internal and external communication. This includes a new web presence as well as the start of coordinated communication about everyday life at 4eyes in order to offer added value to our community.

Digitaldays Basel 2020

Trust between humans and technology

In today’s world, many daily routines are digitized. The digitalization can be found in every area of life and accompanies us through our daily lives. We trust the individual processes almost blindly. But how can a technology such as Blockchain technology additionally strengthen this trust and at the same time protect the user?

My takeaways from the Hyperledger Global Forum

Blockchain with real applications, self-critical participants without hype, ICOs and tokens. The Hyperleger Global Forum 2018 in Basel was my conference highlight 2018. Read about my experience on the official hyperledger blog.

4eyes builds Blockchain for energy savings insurance

The Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) project helps SMEs to evaluate and track energy saving renovations and upgrades. The ESI model, using an independent validation process, backed by an insurer, is making sure that energy saving promises are met and that the return on investment is realized. The project team is using a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain…
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Writing Fabric Chaincode in Javascript

With the release of Fabric 1.1 you may now write your chaincode in javascript. Let’s have a look how it’s done.

Minimal Fabric Development Environment

Sometimes I quickly want to try an idea I, but do I really need to fire up 10+ docker containers? No, I don’t. We’ve adapted the fabric (byfn) setup script to include only the absolut minimum: