Gemeinsam Positives bewirken

Research and archives: rethinking indexing and accessibility

Archivists want their collections to be well indexed and easily accessible. At the same time, they face the great challenge that their collections often grow faster than they can be indexed. State-of-the-art research enables completely new solutions for indexing.

The Silent Killer

“One day at the edge of innovation. Broaden your digital horizons and discover technologies that are making a real-world difference.” Wow, what a phrase! And what did I learn? Hypertension is the silent killer. One in three people have it, and only one in two of them know they have it. And by 2030, every…
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Wie können wir Veränderung verändern?

“NICHT top-down!”, wie es Eva Best eindrücklich darlegt. Nur ein Thema an den “Industrie 4.0 Use Cases” der Initiative “Industrie 2025”. Auch in diesem Jahr viele spannende Einblicke in Digitalisierungsprojekte und nachhaltige Initiativen, die mich begeisterten. Aber wie schaffen wir die Begeisterung für Digitalisierung?Laut Eva Best ganz einfach: früh die Leute in den Themen mitnehmen,…
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Innovating to zero

Claude Nicollier‘s slightly different view of the circular economy and the net zero target at the «CSEM Event: Circular Economy in the Digital Age». He looks at it like this:In fact, a Zero function with Zero derivative is a smart way to achieve full sustainability!It is Zero, and will remain Zero.It is the ultimate step…
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Back to the Valley

Faster, further, higher needs a break sometimes. Frederik Gregaard calls it «slowing things down and fixing them». After the past years of many new innovations and rapid developments in the field of blockchain industry, we shall finally take a breath, consolidate and optimise. He remains convinced that the only true next generation of data management…
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Sustainability moves aviation

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls said it very clearly, climate change is the biggest challenge in aviation. Engine optimisation is reaching its limits and the use of sustainable aviation fuels is becoming more important and real. High-speed trains are nowadays a valid alternative to flying. Why not bring together the know-how and strengths of aviation and…
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Redefining Innovation… und los geht’s!

Was für ein Auftakt-Referat von Stephan Sigrist am gestrigen «9. Industrieforum 2025». In der Tat, «Fortschritt erfordert mehr als Technologiekompetenz», nämlich einen Nutzen. Toni Wäfler ergänzte in seinem Referate diese Aussage mit «Innovation braucht Experimente». Experimente seien die neuen KPIs, welche die ROIs zukünftig ablösen müssen um ein Unternehmen weiter zu bringen. René Brugger brachte…
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We build our own robot – 4eyes goes Industry 4.0

You arrive at the office, open the door and haven’t taken off your jacket yet, when our robo-barista greets you with a freshly brewed coffee. He takes your jacket, informs you about changes in your agenda and about a cancelled train connection in the afternoon. As soon as you’re sitting at your desk, he brings…
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Co-Creating Positive Impact: But what does that mean?

After the exciting discussion about our core motivation and the search for our “why”, which I wrote about in the last post, we agreed on “Co-Creating Positive Impact“. The “why” is more of an abstract motto until you actively use it. Until then, it remains a marketing slogan that no one can object to, but…
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Looking for our “why”. Finding our “why”. Using our “why”

Turning a hobby into a profession – my friends and I (Markus Stauffiger) were able to fulfill this dream by founding 4eyes 15 years ago. Suddenly we could pay our bills from what we loved to do. However, this wonderful fact also brought with it some challenges, as only later became apparent. Some of them,…
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